#shortcut: Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Character Car!

Während derzeit weltweit die Exclusives für die bevorstehende San Diego Comic Con präsentiert werden, besinnt man sich bei Mattel auf ein Event, welches eine Woche zuvor stattfindet – die Star Wars Celebration Europe in London. Zu diesem Anlass wurde vor wenigen Tagen ein neues Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Character Car vorgestellt.

Boba Fett wurde damals ursprünglich als weißer Supertrooper erdacht, der sogar einen Screentest in voller Montur hatte. Aufgrund dieses Videos sind nun schon zahlreiche Collectibles erschienen. In der beliebten Star Wars Character Cars Reihe von Hot Wheels fehlte eine weiße Version des Kopfgeldjägers jedoch bis dato. Anlässlich der Star Wars Celebration wurde nun jedoch ein schickes Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Character Car vorgestellt.

Mattel UK, 28th June: Star Wars fans can speed through the galaxy with the new Hot Wheels Star Wars Prototype Armour Boba Fett Character Car, a European exclusive to London’s Star Wars Celebration event in July.

Star Wars fans admire the infamous galactic bounty hunter Boba Fett, but true enthusiasts know of a 1978 video test in which the character was presented as a “super trooper” in a sleek, all-white outfit. The concept evolved into the colourful costume he wears in The Empire Strikes Back, but Star Wars collectors have always held Boba Fett’s prototype armour in high regard.

To commemorate the early conception of one of cinema’s most popular characters, Hot Wheels has created a new look for the Boba Fett Character Car. Complete with an all-white colour palette, twin turbo engines, a rear jet pack and several of the bounty hunter’s weapons extending from the hood, this exclusive Character Car is a must-have for Hot Wheels and Star Wars collectors alike.

“I am a huge fan of Star Wars, so to get the opportunity to recreate classic characters as part of my job is a huge honour,” said Bryan Benedict, Senior Hot Wheels Designer. “I am excited to be amongst the fans and to unveil our exclusive Boba Fett car that I designed as a rat rod, because to me Boba Fett is basically a walking rat rod – with his banged up helmet and cool attitude. But this is a rat rod with super-advanced technology, and, in the case of our Celebration exclusive, he’s been given a pristine white paint scheme to match the prototype armour.”

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