Vor exakt einem Monat gab es mit einem zweiten Teaserbild das letzte Update zur kommenden Sideshow K-2SO Premium Format Statue im Maßstab 1:4. Nun hat der Hersteller die Pre-Order gestartet und somit alle wichtigen Informationen und die Bilder enthüllt.

Die neue Sideshow K-2SO Premium Format Figure soll demnach frühstens im September 2018 erscheinen und kostet im Sideshow-Shop schlappe $650.00. Die Statue ist beeindruckende 55,9 Zentimeter groß, besteht größtenteils aus Kunststein und Metall und wird mit beleuchteten Augen produziert.

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Hier nun der Pressetext und alle neuen Bilder zur angekündigten Sideshow K-2SO Premium Format Statue.

Sideshow K-2SO Premium Format Figure

  • verfügbar ab: voraussichtlich September 2018
  • unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: $650.00
  • Shopping: sideshow.com (Vorbestellung)
Did you know that wasn’t him? Sideshow is proud to present the K-2SO Premium Format Figure from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This reprogrammed Imperial droid stole the hearts of fans everywhere as the rebels stole the Death Star plans.
K-2SO measures 22” tall, standing atop a Citadel Tower themed base. His black external armor is visibly weathered and detailed to recreate the battle damage this droid has received during his service to both the Empire and the Rebellion.
K-2SO is also painted with red and yellow details on his shoulders and technical panels and has the logo of the Empire emblazoned on his shoulder.
This Premium Format Figure is mixed media, featuring metal in K-2SO’s legs, which steadily support his unique gait. He is also outfitted with intricate pistons and gears in his various joints that allow you to observe K-2SO’s complex construction. The impressive imperial droid also features light-up eyes in his portrait, allowing you to display him with an ‘activated’ look.
K-2SO also comes equipped with a blaster in his hand. Would you like to know the probability of him using it against you?
Let K-2SO be there for your Star Wars collection! Pre-Order the K-2SO Premium FormatFigure and add him to your Rebellion today. We promise he’s been completely reprogrammed.

Die wichtigsten Informationen zu allen bisher veröffentlichten Sideshow Star Wars Premium Format Figuren findet ihr kurz und knapp im Collectors Guide.

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