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Hasbro Black Series 6″ Centerpiece CHECKLIST

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Hasbro Black Series 6″ Centerpiece CHECKLIST

In addition to the fully articulated 6 inch figures, the popular Black Series has also featured the so-called „Centerpiece“ figures since 2017. These figures are also in 1:12 scale, but they are completely immovable. To do justice to the name, the centerpieces appear on stylish diorama bases, which are additionally equipped with various lighting effects.

To date, the following Black Series 6″ Centerpiece figures have been released:

 picturereleaseoriginal pricestill available?
Luke Skywalker2017, 1049.99
Darth Vader2017, 1049.99
Kylo Ren2018, 0449.99
Starkiller Base (SDCC Exclusive)2018, 07109.99
Rey (Starkiller Base)2018, 0849.99

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