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LEGO Ultimate Collector Series CHECKLIST

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LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series CHECKLIST

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS for short) is aimed primarily at adult LEGO collectors (AFOL=Adult Fan Of Lego), as the models are very difficult and usually consist of many bricks. They are characterized by their size and are more intended for exhibiting than for playing.

With usually more than 1,000 individual bricks, the LEGO designers achieve a particularly high degree of detail, which would not be possible in the smaller basic sets. Due to the high number of bricks the sets of the Ultimate Collector Series are more expensive.

Most models of the Ultimate Collector Series include a matching nameplate with all important information about the respective vehicle.

To date, the following sets have been published in the order shown here:

nr.picturenameamount piecesamount minifigsreleaseoriginal pricestill available?
7181TIE Interceptor70302000$99.99
7191X-Wing Fighter130012000$149.99
10018Darth Maul186802001$149.99
10019Rebel Blockade Runner174702001$199.99
10026Naboo Starfighter18712002$39.99
10030Imperial Star Destroyer309602002$269.99
10129Rebel Snowspeeder145502003$129.99
10134Y-Wing Attack Starfighter147312004$119.99
10143Death Star II344902005$269.99
10174Imperial AT-ST108602006$79.99
10175Vader’s TIE Advanced121202006$99.99
10179Millennium Falcon519752007$499.99
10186General Grievous108502008$89.99
10188Death Star3803252008$399.99
10198Tantive IV140852009$149.99
10212Imperial Shuttle250352010$259.99
10215Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter67612010$99.99
10221Super Star Destroyer315252011$399.99
10227B-Wing Starfighter148702012$199.99
10240Red Five X-Wing Starfighter155912013$199.99
10236Ewok Village1990172013$249.99
75060Slave I199652015$199.99
75095TIE Fighter168512015$199.99
75098Assault on Hoth2144142016$249.99
75159Death Star4016212016$499.99
75144Snowspeeder170322017, 05$199.99
75192Millennium Falcon7541112017, 10$799.99
75181Y-Wing Starfighter196722018, 05$199.99
75252Imperial Star Destroyer478422019, 10$699.99 USDnot available yet

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