Bereits zu Beginn dieses Monats berichteten wir von einem neuen Kotobukiya Emperor Palpatine & Royal Guards 3-Pack, welches erstmals während der New York Comic Con 2017 ausgestellt wurde.

Wenige Wochen später hat der japanische Hersteller das neuer Dreierpack nun ganz offiziell vorgestellt und die weltweite Vorbestellung gestartet. Im amerikanischen Onlineshop kann das neue Set im Maßstab 1:10 ab sofort für $139.99 vorbestellt werden. Ende Mai 2018 soll es dann ausgeliefert werden.

Wie bereits vermutet, handelt es sich bei den beiden Royal Guards um unbearbeitete Neuauflagen aus dem Jahr 2013. Die einzige tatsächliche Neuheit bei diesem 3-Pack ist der Körper des Imperators. Der Kopf wurde nämlich ebenfalls bereits verwendet – bei der jüngsten Palpatine-Ankündigung mit Thron.

Bei unserem Partnershop könnt ihr das neue Kotobukiya Emperor Palpatine & Royal Guards 3-Pack bereits für 129,99 € vorbestellen. Schaut gleich mal vorbei.

Hier nun alle Infos zusammengefasst sowie der offizielle Pressetext des Herstellers.

Kotobukiya Emperor Palpatine & Royal Guards 3-Pack

  • verfügbar ab: Ende Mai 2018
  • unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: $139.99
  • Shopping: (129,99 €)

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Star Wars ARTFX+ Statues bring you all of the quality and detailing that you expect from an ARTFX release in a great smaller scale perfect for collecting. The classic Saga Collection is chock full of fan-favorite heroes and villains, not to mention lots of great troop builders like Stormtroopers and other soldiers. Now, the Sith Lord ruling the Empire returns to the lineup with two of his loyal guardians in the EMPEROR PALPATINE ROYAL GUARD 3-PACK!

While a previous ARTFX+ Statue of the Emperor captured the dictator sitting on his throne, now he walks among us and is more dangerous than ever! Old and decrepit-looking but so much more powerful than he appears, Palpatine slowly shuffles forward while leaning on his gnarled cane. The villain wears voluminous black robes covering most of his body, and expert craftsmanship has made them resemble real cloth clothing! Only the Emperor’s withered hands and grotesque face emerge from his robes, reaching forward as if to offer a place by his side while he ruthlessly calculates your potential.

Meanwhile, selected from the best of the best Stormtroopers selflessly devoted to the Emperor are Palpatine’s Royal Guard! They are given additional training, a deadly close combat weapon, and a distinctive uniform that makes them immediately recognizable. These two elite Guards (identical to those in the previously released Royal Guard 2-Pack) are screen accurate and stand at strict attention in their crimson robes and helmets while holding their unique force pikes at their right shoulders.

ARTFX+ Statues are fun-to-assemble pre-painted snap-fit kits that can be easily put together in seconds without glue or modeling skill. Emperor Palpatine stands under 5 ½ inches and his Royal Guards 7 inches (1/10th scale), and will be the perfect additions to your classic Star Wars display. You can even recreate iconic scenes from the films by displaying these with other ARTFX+ Statues like Stormtroopers, Darth Vader Cloud City Ver., and more!
Available May 2018.

Alle Informationen zu allen bisher veröffentlichten Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Star Wars Collectibles findet ihr in unserem Collectors Guide.


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